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New Location

By popular vote we have decided to move out of Borders and into a local coffee shop.

Please join us at our new location:

Bean & Leaf

The shop is located at 13 Washington Street in New London.

Washington Street is last left on your way up State Street from the train station end (if you get to the Library & Garde Arts Theater you went to far).

Child friendly area
Coffee Beans freshly roasted in the store
Ice Coffee, Smoothies, Frappuccinos
Artisan Quality Loose Leaf teas
Cold drinks
Free Wi-Fi

About SEConn Stitch n' Bitch - Meet other local knitters, crocheters, weavers, needlepointers, spinners, beaders and crafters from the area. We come together to "yarn," chit chat and just have a good time over coffee or tea. We welcome those of all craft and skill levels - from beginner to advanced.

We meet every Saturday at 9:30am (though people show up anywhere from 9am to 1pm).

Nurselings are always welcome.


Evening Meets - How does Wednesday evening sound as a weeknight gathering?

Name - Also we would like to come up with a name. We could of course, stick with SEConn (Southeastern Connecticut) Stitch N' Bitch, but were throwing around some other name possiblities. Please throw in your 2 cents. I can start a poll if anyone is interested.
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